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Teacher Evaluation & Assistance Model (TEAM)

Developed on more than a decade of application, and continuously refined in numerous school districts and charter schools nationwide, the TEAM system describes effective teacher performance in four domains of professional practice: (i) Environment; (ii) Planning, Delivery and Assessment of Instruction; (iii) Professional Responsibilities; and (iv) Professional Growth.

The rubric within the TEAM system describes teacher effectiveness along a continuum that progresses toward proficiency and exceptionality.

All indicators within TEAM describe how effective teachers perform in observable, measurable ways, and reveal the expectations and deliverables of effective teaching by articulating the deep elements and fine points of exceptional practice. The heart of TEAM is its system of summative indicators, which lend themselves to comprehensive and effective evaluation.

But TEAM offers so much more . . .

The formative dimension of the TEAM framework promotes growth through its broad and deep diagnostic and mentoring platform. TEAM's formative indicators outline the assistance process by guiding coaches, mentors and teachers through the aspects of effective practice with granularity and direct applicability, thereby enabling all team members to participate integrally and authentically.

Another major attribute of TEAM is its clarity and cogency as a common language for practitioners, evaluators, mentors—all stakeholder in the education process. It is a well-balanced model of effective practice that leads toward an improvement cycle where summative assessment and formative evaluation interact with each other with the goal of improving teacher effectiveness to maximize student engagement and learning.

TEAM promotes teamwork within a school or district because it enables principals, teachers, coaches, and mentors to contribute and work —separately and in tandem — toward excellence in teaching, recognizing that striving to achieve excellence is a neverending process.

In short, TEAM’s summative and formative strands form a collaborative system that describes effective practice at varying levels of proficiency, laying out a pathway for a team approach to teacher growth.