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In addition to the OBSERVERTAB« evaluation system, we offer guidebooks for administrators and teachers as well as other support methods

Class Acts:
Every Teacher's Guide To Activate Learning

This book offers tactics and strategies that teachers can implement immediately in their classrooms. While it is a guide for teachers (and everyone with a stake in student engagement) it is also a fun read because it tells about real peopleŚreal teachers in real situations. But it has a very important purpose: This guide introduces and explores principles of classroom management that directly impact student performanceŚnot in textbook terms, but in practice. "This book reads like a novel!" A reader of Class Acts watches how other teachers have done it, a reader examines tactics and strategies others have used, and a reader explores the nuts and bolts of putting him- or herself into similar situations.

"A virtual superstar among books that help teachers!"
Kenneth Hopkins
2009 Huntsman Award: Teacher of the Year
Professional Learning Specialist
Salt Lake City, Utah

Help Teachers Engage Students

This manual for principals, instructional leaders, and other administrators offers numerous guidelines for effectivestudent engagement. The reproducible action tools included will enable them to:

  • Identify and share The Big Eight student engagement strategies with their teachers
  • Promote teacher growth and provide support for new and/or struggling teachers
  • Collect meaningful data to aid them during teacher-coaching sessions and consultations
  • Provide teachers with direct assistance in sharpening their student-engagement skills

"I love the tools. This book is an excellent resource for
principals to provide more helpful feedback to teachers."

Karen Hickman
Executive Director of Academic Assessment
Pasadena Independent School District, Texas

Observation & Reflection Pads

  • Each pad has 80 pages (40 two-piece sets)
  • The white page is your data recording, and the blue page is your leave-behind, a "Reflection Follow-Up" for your teacher
  • Enough for 40 observations!

Literacy Small Group Drop-In Pads

  • Each pad has 80 pages (40 two-piece sets)
  • The FIRST page is your data recording, and the blue page is your leave-behind, a "Reflection Follow-Up" for your teacher.
  • Enough for 40 observations!

Strategy Flash Cards

  • Each ring describes The Big 8 Engagement Strategies
  • Each card on the ring defines one student-engagement strategy with hints about how to spot the skill at work in the classroom.
  • Perfect for consulting and coaching!