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Packages including Professional Development
We offer on-site training and Instructional Leadership Professional Development in combination with OBSERVERTAB® implementation, as follows:

Administrator Foundational Training Using OBSERVERTAB®
Formative data-collection and diagnosis techniques, debriefing conversations, consultations for teacher growth (prescriptions), using data to set goals by school, by department/grade, and by individual (i.e., growth over time)
TIME: 1 Day
COST: $2,000 plus travel

Guided Practice Using OBSERVERTAB®
Small administrator groups within district school(s), guided practice and experience with specific data-collection tools in actual classrooms collecting data, and use of reports generated by OBSERVERTAB®:
TIME: 2 hours/group of 7 administrators
COST: TBD according to time and travel

Return Visits, As Needed
Focused practice for individual administrators in their school sites for diagnosing and assisting new or struggling teachers
TIME: 2 hours/school, minimum
COST: TBD according to time and travel