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OBSERVERTAB® offers SUMMATIVE EVALUATION TOOLS, formative teacher ASSISTANCE TOOLS, and CUSTOMIZED TOOLS tailored to national and state standards as well as school district standards and standards of practice for Common Core.

All tools in OBSERVERTAB® contain data-collection features to inform you as you observe, and your data is supported by a robust TABULATION & REPORTING system that will help you focus teacher improvement and enhance staff development.

Rubric Choices

ENTER DATA through various devices. All data can be stored, edited, emailed, tabulated and charted.

( Move your cursor over each item indicated below for more information. )

Four rubric choices for most Indicators also offer an NA option.

Posted Expectation

Question marks (?) remind mentors of related definitions and theories.


Counters allow you to tally certain observable behaviors such as types of questions, levels of reasoning, etc.

drop_down keyboardwhand

Pop-up keyboards allow you to enter text into your observation data.

Drop-downs explicate rubric choices for specific indicators.

Drop-downs offer options for entering pre-loaded descriptions and messages.


Real-time emailing options allow you to send information to teacher or only to yourself.