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● Classroom Management
● Learning Environment
● Teaching Process
● Managed Learning Environments
● Management for Small Group     Instruction and Guided Reading
● Supportive Teaching
● Maintaining Order
● Classroom Setting
● Management That Optimizes
    Learning and Assessment
● Teacher Development
● Leadership Training
● Educational Support and     Advocacy
● Model Teachers
● Mentoring Resources
● Principal Expectations
● Strategies for Tough Kids and    Disruptive Students
● Collaborative Learning
● Classroom Discipline
● Positive Reinforcement
● Behavior Management
● Avoiding Problems in the    Classroom
● Teacher Retention
● Taking Care of New Teachers
● Principles of Adult Learning


We teach pragmatic and effective methods for growth-promoting leadership among all your teachers. Our facilitations include concrete tools for collecting specific data, for identifying starting points with struggling teachers or inductees, as well as strategies and language that lead to specific growth outcomes.

Much of the success of our facilitations results from situated learning. That is, we work on-site with staff (principals, mentors, teachers) in order to model in the context of practice. For instance, we might perform "walk-through visits" to classrooms with principals as part of building observation skills through collecting concrete data. Or we might model techniques for teachers to use in forming effective engagement questions (Tasking), to name just one.