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ASSISTTAB® is an assistance system for coaches, mentors, and other administrators working directly with teachers.

With ASSISTTAB®, a coach can collect quantitative as well as anecdotal data for follow-up conversations.

ASSISTTAB® contains focused observation tools that serve as data-collection platforms for coaches. The tools guide coaches and other observers as they observe and collect data, and they direct coaching through targeted planning and reflective conversation questions.

ASSISTTAB® offers a powerful basis for working with all teachers as well as new and struggling teachers.

Use OBSERVERTAB® for your diagnosis and consulting, and move to the assistance tools in ASSISTTAB® when you know you have reached the coaching stage with a teacher.

Here is another way to think about your assistance stances: If you know that you have expertise that your teacher does not, if you see what your teacher cannot, then you are taking a consulting stance. (We recommend OBSERVERTAB®)

You move into a bridge-consulting/coaching stance as your teacher increases expertise and begins to articulate specific goalsfor growth. (We recommend ASSISTTAB®)

Use for
Coaching and Direct Assistance

Web-based Teacher-Assistance System for Administrators, Coaches, and Mentors.


All tools in the AssistTab component contain data-collection devices like the following portion to enable coaches and mentors to script and/or describe. This is an example:

Rubric Choices

( Move your cursor over each item indicated below for more information. )


Tool write-in sections with pop-up keyboards enable mentors to describe their observation data easily and with as much detail as they wish.


Question marks (?) remind mentors of related definitions and theories.